Small robot made of old tech is suggesting those with old hearing aids upgrade to new digital hearing aids.

If you are walking around with an old-school ear trumpet at hand than obviously, it’s time to upgrade. Coming to that realization when you wear conventional hearing aids is more difficult, however, so how does one know? You purchased your hearing aids ten years ago, and they still get the job done, right?

While it could be true that older hearing aids are better than nothing, chances are what little benefit you get from using them comes at a price. In the past few years, hearing aids have dramatically advanced. Some of the features of modern hearing aids hadn’t even been designed 10 years ago. For starters, they’ve advanced from analog to digital. Why should you be contemplating an upgrade? Here are a few good reasons.

Old Hearing Aids Are Unreliable

Cheaper or older hearing aids often have an aggravating buzzing sound. How about that feedback any time you get near a phone, that’s a lot of fun. That deafening feedback occasionally occurs for no noticeable reason. What caused it now?

You’ve Become Desensitized to its Poor Quality

You are used to sitting in quiet self-reflection while everyone around you engages in conversation or questioning why the air conditioner is so loud. Do you remember when your hearing aid kept cutting out when you were trying to hear your grandson perform a song and you only heard some of what they were singing. But you still clapped.

All of these are weaknesses connected with old hearing aids. Turning up the volume was the main goal in hearing aids a decade ago. Nowadays, hearing aids do magic tricks such as filtering out background noise, so no more noisy air conditioner.

Old Hearing Aids Can be Expensive

When you’re considering upgrading your hearing aid, cost is a major consideration. The new technology is not cheap, but neither is using an old, out-of-date hearing aid. Analog hearing aids need new batteries frequently. You can imagine how expensive it will be, replacing batteries at least once every day.

Out of date hearings aids can potentially spend more time at the shop, also. If you think of your hearing aid like a 1992 Buick, you get the idea. It’s in the repair shop more than it is in your ear and repairs are not cheap.

Today, we Have Smart Tech

Bluetooth capability is a newer technology which has revolutionized hearing aid functionality. You won’t get that in an analog unit. Your tablet, phone, and even your computer can be connected, using Bluetooth, to your hearing digital aid.

Communication is The Secret to Everything

Studies show that hearing loss can mean a reduced paycheck. Doesn’t it make sense then that newer hearing aids would be a career asset? You will be able to hear customers and your boss better. You won’t have to stress out about missing some important information or if your hearing aid battery will quit when you need it most.

And obviously you will have a better quality of life if you have good communication skills. You don’t have to sit like a wallflower during discussions anymore. Don’t hesitate to get right in and engage with others.

You Really Want a More Stylish Looking Hearing Aid

When you look in the mirror at your old hearing aid, how do you feel? Awkward? Obvious? Oh my god? Flexibility and style are some of the most considerable reasons to update your hearing aid. You can purchase hearing aids in lots of colors, shapes, and sizes today. You can have one concealed so tightly into your ear that no one will even notice it, or you can make a fashion statement with a visible hearing aid in your favorite color.

Clues That It’s Time

Now you recognize why a hearing aid upgrade is necessary, now it’s time to determine what makes a hearing aid outdated. Here are some telling signs that the time has come:

  • There are changes in your hearing. Even when you have your hearing aids in, it seems like you can’t hear as well.
  • Your life has evolved, and your hearing aid has a difficult time keeping up. It’s annoying to take it out just to talk on the phone, or maybe you’ve changed jobs and now have to deal with more background noise.
  • Your hearing aid keeps cutting out. You really can’t rely on it working when you need it most.
  • You know for a fact that your hearing aid is analog. Ouch, go digital right away.
  • Your hearing aid seems heavy. Awkward, old technology weighs more.
  • Your hearing aid juts out like a sore thumb. That obsolete technology takes up a lot of space, too.
  • You constantly have to replace the batteries. Modern hearing aids are more energy efficient, and some come with rechargeable batteries.

It’s an easy choice. It’s time to replace your hearing aids if they’re more than 7 years old.

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